Personalized Meal Plans

HPI provides you with a personalized meal plan. Diets don't work when they aren't designed specifically for you. Everyone's body is different. We are all unique and what we eat affects us differently. Having a personal trainer isn't just for looking physically fit, its about feeling fit. Eating clean is the foundation for living a long and healthy life. Justin Hartig will personally design you a meal plan to increase your body's overall health and sustain the physical results from training.


The Skinny On Fat

After years of telling us to stay away from fat, experts now say it’s healthy to eat some. The caveat: it has to be the right kind. While it's still wise to reduce saturated fats and avoid trans fats altogether, incorporating good sources of fat (think olive oil, nuts, and avocados) into your diet has many health benefits. Still confused? Some simple tips can help distinguish the good from